Instant online loan: the best answer to an urgent need for money?

by Carla Lyons

Who has never faced an unexpected expense? The problem is that you don’t always have the money to deal with it. In this case, we naturally tend to study loan offers.

The online instant loan seems to be a real boost for the borrowers. This form of consumer credit makes it possible to borrow a small amount of money in record time. Is this a good solution, however? Good Credit answers you straight away.

The instant loan or mini loan is a type of personal loan

The instant loan or mini loan is a type of personal loan

It, therefore, falls into the category of consumer loans. The principle on which it is based is simple: the customer applies for credit via an online platform offering this service, then he (almost) immediately obtains the money in his bank account. He can also choose to receive the money later. As soon as the funds are transferred, the customer can make a payment at once, or on the contrary several times.

When using an instant loan service online, the customer can usually borrow an amount between 100 and 1000 dollars, rarely more. As with conventional personal loans, the borrower does not have to provide proof of use. However, unlike a personal loan, the only documents to provide are the bank account statement and a copy of the identity document.

The repayment of such a credit is made over a short period (most of the time, 3 to 4 months, at most). The money is taken directly from the customer’s bank card. As for insurance, it remains optional, as is the case for any other form of credit.

Note: eligibility assessment
Some personal information is still collected to ensure that the customer is eligible for an online instant credit offer. If necessary, the platform defines the maximum amount that it can borrow.

An online instant credit offer can be offered by different players. For example, it could be a broker specializing in consumer or real estate credit, or even a large group specializing in banking or insurance products.

What are the limits of the instant loan?

What are the limits of the instant loan?

The instant online loan surprises with its speed and ease of obtaining. The use of this type of credit must nevertheless be occasional, if only in view of the high rates and additional costs that may be added. The interest rate depends on the chosen formula (immediate or deferred transfer), but also on the amount borrowed.

As with a conventional bank, they vary enormously. If a group or broker can offer a “reasonable” rate of 3% and dust, another can go up to 16%, or even more, not including insurance: a credit which is therefore very expensive in the end!

Second, the amount of money that can be borrowed is, as we have seen, often limited. If the customer needs a larger amount, he will not be able to use this service and will have to find another solution to meet his payment obligations. Also remember that as with any credit, the consumer must act responsibly: before committing, it is essential that he ensures that he has sufficient repayment capacity.

Good Credit, an alternative with an instant online loan!

Good Credit, an alternative with an instant online loan!

Need a helping hand to ensure payment of an unexpected invoice (urgent repair on your vehicle, replacement of household appliances that have just given up the ghost…), or even to finance a project that is close to your heart? Trust Good Credit, a platform specializing in personal online loans and mini loans! If the instant loan is not part of our offer, our service is no less rapid.

How? ‘Or’ What? Thanks to our reactivity to any test, but also to the fact that the funds are transferred directly from investor to borrower, without banking intermediary. This allows us, moreover, to offer very competitive and even unbeatable rates up to 3,000 dollars.

With us, you can borrow a sum of money ranging from 1,000 to 50,000 dollars. We exclusively issue personal loans that are repayable at a fixed rate. Each month, the amount debited from your bank account is constant, but also transparent: no hidden fees are introduced into our offer. You keep control of your budget! As a bonus, prepayment fees are offered, regardless of the amount of your credit: a significant advantage!