A mother asks for financial support to be able to bring her baby boy home

A mother asks for help to bring her son home from the hospital.

Joy Browne, from Farnworth, gave birth to son Jotham Nathan Browne in October 2019.

Nathan, as his family calls him, was born with complex heart disease and with his intestines and liver outside his umbilical cord.

Due to his medical condition, the family of five, mum, dad and three children, were never able to bring him home.

In total, Nathan underwent 11 operations, including one open heart.

Joy is now appealing for help through a fundraiser set at £12,000 so her son has a livable, comfortable home he can be discharged into.

When Nathan was born, the family moved into accommodation, Ronald McDonald House, Manchester, to be closer to their baby and they have lived there since Nathan was born.

Nathan had heart surgery last November.

Jotham Nathan Browne

The family have been relocated to Atherton, unable to return home to Farnworth as it does not meet Nathan’s needs.

However, the new house requires work before it can be moved in.

Joy calls for help as she doesn’t have the funds to make the house changes as her husband is the only one working while she takes care of Nathan.

Joy said: “We’ve been here for about 33 months now in Manchester at the Ronald McDonald House.

“We lived here to be closer to my baby and we did. We’ve never been home to Farnworth since Nathan was born.

“But we go back to Bolton every morning to drop the kids off at school.

“My son is going to be discharged soon and he is going to need the home care support.

“The Labor Theorist said the house in Farnworth was not suitable for my little boy due to dampness and mold so we had to apply for accommodation and the nearest house to Bolton is in Atherton.

Lancashire Telegraph: Nathan smilingNathan smiling

“So we took this house which has been fitted out with a bedroom and a bathroom on the ground floor for my son.

“We decided to set up the fundraiser as we need support, my husband couldn’t work so much when my son was born as we had to take care of him, he currently works three days a week with extended hours additional.

“The move was difficult, we have to fix the house, the floor is not good and the kitchen is not good.”

Some of the things needed include new flooring and specialist equipment as well as a bed.

Mom added @ “We’ve struggled a lot over the past 33 months.

“We haven’t been home for almost three years, and what we have isn’t even enough to take care of us right now.

Lancashire Telegraph: Joy with her baby boy, NathanJoy with her baby boy, Nathan

“We had to maintain Nathan’s life in the hospital and the twins who got caught in the web and had to stay with us in the hospital.

“We handled this on our own, believing God every day is better and NHS professionals have been doing their best for Nathan for 33 months.

“Now I want people to know what I went through and to intervene.

“Enough of the smiling face and the feeling of worthlessness inside.

“I need help with what I can muster to sort out the house and everything my kids will need.

“Words cannot describe how I feel mentally and I only hope that my mental state will improve over time.

“But it’s in the hands of God.

“My son is almost ready to be released and he will be ready to go home, but the house will not be ready for him to be there.

“Thank you all in advance for reading this and supporting me.

“Please keep my family in your prayers.”

If you want to support Joy and her family to bring Nathan home, you can donate here.


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