Anthony Barr 2021 Vikings Community Man of the Year

“I have always been a person who has been of service to others. It is something that I promised when I was very young that no matter what I did, how much money I made, I was going to always be of service to others, ”Jackson said.“ Right now, especially in Hennepin County, Minneapolis, we have a huge homeless population, so in any way I can give back to my community, then I’ll do it.

“Health care should be a fundamental right for everyone; housing should be a basic right for everyone, but it’s not at this point so if I can help focus the energy I have on it then we’ll just keep pushing forward ”, said Jackson, who started his academic work in 2013 and resumed it in 2018.

Jackson said Barr’s appointment validates the work that continues. She also enjoyed seeing “the revelation and seeing him a little uncomfortable” after receiving the recognition.

“It makes me want to go twice as hard because he doesn’t really want credit,” Jackson said. “He’ll never be the one to stand up and say, ‘I made X, Y, and Z.’ Or, ‘My foundation made X, Y, and Z.’ We just do the job. The job needs to be done. I appreciate that side of him. “

A space to grow and prosper

This fall, Raise the Barr and Country Financial celebrated the opening of a new computer lab at the Student Parent HELP Center at the University of Minnesota, for single parent students only. The dedicated space has state-of-the-art computers, ergonomic furniture and a high-efficiency printer available free of charge.

The private room allows single parent students to take their children with them if needed while they work on a report or print a piece of paper.

The Director of the Student Parent Support Center, Susan Warfield, has worked at the University of Minnesota for 22 years and has worked as a social worker for 35 years. Warfield said Raise the Barr “is really changing the field of student-parent service in this country.”

“No one believes that there are students raising children and being pregnant while in school,” Warfield said. “To have someone with a national presence and an NFL football player who shines the spotlight on all of that pitch has been a – you can’t overstate the impact.”

Beyond the computer lab, Warfield thanked Raise the Barr for listening intently to find out how the organization can best contribute to the progress of academics.

Raise the Barr provided $ 65,000 for an in-depth evaluation of a research program, strategically examining years of data.

Raise the Barr’s support has led to a relationship with the Aspen Institute, which is committed to bringing together “diverse and non-partisan opinion leaders … to solve some of the world’s most complex problems,” and elevated the Student Parent HELP Center.

“They funded this research, and now we can send it to any university in the country,” Warfield said. “We’re constantly contacted for information on what programming a college should provide to its student parents, and I can just send them this full report that shows exactly which of our services had the most impact. This will also lead to evolution. of our program. “

Warfield was on hand for the reveal and could only smile as the little tykes approached Anthony with observable comfort.

“He has what I like to call ‘children’s karma.’ He’s like a magnet for kids, and even though he’s this big, huge soccer player, kids aren’t afraid of him.” , Warfield said. “He walked out of the building, and one of them just stood up and gave his leg a squeeze. I think that says a lot about people, and it says his heart is really in his philanthropic work. “

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