BNI® helps U.S. veterans continue to be successful in the private sector

Ron Leonard, current president of BNI and chapter success coach in Miami, Florida, served in the US Navy for years before starting his own business in 2016. “BNI and the power of professional networking are the # 1 reason my business is successful and I am extremely grateful. I could not imagine that BNI was not one of them. of my life every day. ”

Steve beck, a United States Coast Guard veteran who served from 1974 to 1978, said, “Military service instilled in me the virtues of discipline, teamwork, planning and leadership. BNI embodies these same things for me. It has helped me to continue to develop as a leader by holding various positions within my Chapter and now as a Chapter Success Coach. The system works best when everyone works as a team, setting goals for themselves and their chapters, and then creating plans to achieve those goals. ”

BNI United States is committed to helping veterans, like Buffo, Leonard, and Beck, transition effectively to the private sector and has increased its reach with the military, especially in recent months, to assist them in these efforts. To support the transition, BNI United States increases support for U.S. veterans by creating valuable opportunities to build their network, as well as to hone their communication skills, provide professional development opportunities, and strengthen their business development.

“We are proud to give back to America’s veterans,” said BNI Founder and Visionary Director Dr. Ivan Misner. “It’s so gratifying to hear the stories from our veterans about how BNI has helped impact their lives in ways they never expected. Providing them with a powerful networking platform to build a business and a career after transitioning their service is just a small way for us to partner with them and say thank you. “

About BNI®
BNI (Business Network International) is the largest and most successful business networking organization in the world. In the United States, in the past year alone, on average, BNI members generated more than $ 50,000 in revenue each via more than 30 referrals from valuable new customers. Today, BNI has over 280,000 member companies participating in nearly 10,500 BNI Chapters that meet in person, online or in a hybrid format each week in more than 70 countries around the world. Since 1985, BNI has created more than US $ 141,000,000,000 in revenue for BNI members through more than 139 million referrals from valuable new clients. To learn more about BNI and how to visit a chapter, visit BNI’s philosophy is centered on Gain® and BNI’s currency is Changing the way the world does business®. To learn more about how BNI supports Veterans in your area, please contact us at (800) -825-8286 or [email protected].


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