Eagle County provides rent assistance for child care providers

Eagle County implemented a new program to provide licensed early childhood providers with financial assistance for rent, mortgage and similar overhead costs in 2021. 500 children in Eagle County.

“Safe, quality child care is a community investment in our working families and our local economy; However, the financial challenges of operating high quality centers with trained staff are often overlooked, ”the county said in a recent press release. “Suppliers in Eagle County face unique operational challenges with rental costs ranging from $ 583 to over $ 8,000 per month.”

“Our early years service providers provide an essential service to families in our community and they carry a heavy load,” said Eagle County Commissioner Jeanne McQueeney. “Providers need to focus on the children in their care, not on the fact that they can keep the lights on every month. This program allows them to do just that and is essential for parents to work and for our economy to function. We are grateful to Early Childhood Partners for highlighting this critical need for our providers.

The new program offers suppliers in Eagle River Valley and Roaring Fork Valley up to $ 3,000 per center for monthly support. Eagle County plans to continue this effort in 2022.

“We are constantly analyzing how we can better support our early childhood service providers, and therefore better support families across Eagle County,” said Liz Costaldo, director of operations for Early Childhood Partners. “We found that for our providers who pay rent, there was an inequity compared to providers who don’t have rental fees because of other existing subsidies. Early childhood education is a crucial community service, and it makes sense for us to collaborate and partner with Eagle County to help child care providers as much as possible.

The program is part of Eagle County’s strong investment and dedication to early childhood education. Eagle County administers Early Years Service Provider Support Programs to incentivize and support dedicated child care providers. Financial programs have also been put in place to support daycares, educators and, ultimately, families during the COVID-19 crisis.

For more information contact Sam Markovitz, Early Years Coordinator at [email protected] or at 970-401-0722.

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