East Point Farms brings back the fall festival to support the community

ELKTON, Va. (WHSV) – East Point Farms in Elkton kicked off the opening of its pumpkin patch with a fall festival.

The festival started last year after the Myers family moved to Elkton in 2020.

After a small fire on the grounds was responded to by the Elkton Volunteer Fire Company, the Myers family decided to make it an annual event to give back to the community.

“What really made us decide this is what we needed to do was because he started a fire on the pitch, and even though he had it under control by the time the Elkton Volunteer Fire Company came along, we decided we wanted to give them a donation and give back to them in some way,” said East Point Fall Festival organizer Donna Myers.

This year, the Myers family decided to give back to two organizations.

“We’ve decided that’s how we’re going to kick off our pumpkin patch every year,” Myers said. “We will find an organization or charity to give back to and donate our 25%. We were lucky to have a great pumpkin patch this year and last year.

Grocery vouchers for Bridgewater Foods were sold at the festival.

Proceeds from the vouchers go to Bridgewater Foods to buy groceries, in return they go to the Salvation Army and the Brent Berry family food drive.

The SPCA was also at the festival and brought some dogs they had to adopt.

Local craft vendors, food trucks and music were all at the East Point Fall Festival.

There were even tractor rides to the pumpkin patch for families to pick their pumpkins and raise money for the SPCA.

“With yesterday’s crowd, it looks like they’re going to get a nice check on today’s look,” Myers said.

East Point Farm Pumpkin Patch is now open, for more information you can visit their website.

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