Escondido Community Foundation awards $ 228,000 to nine mental health groups

Aerial view of Escondido. Photo via @cityofescondido Twitter

A philanthropic organization on Friday awarded $ 228,000 to nine Escondido-based organizations aimed at improving social and emotional well-being in the city.

The Escondido Community Foundation, a subsidiary of the San Diego Foundation, awarded the award for addressing issues of social isolation, anxiety, depression, suicide and abuse, and for providing specific support to youth in the community.

“The community of Escondido has a long way to go to recover from the effects of the ongoing pandemic,” said Kenneth Lounsbery, chairman of the board of directors of the Escondido Community Foundation. “Our goal with this grant funding is to invest in our friends and neighbors in the interior.”

“These nine organizations and their programming will improve the social and emotional well-being of our Escondido community, especially those who are most at risk, to receive the support and care they need right now,” he said. he declares.

The beneficiaries are:

  • $ 28,000 to the Alabaster Jar Project to help its resource center continue to serve and provide survivors of human trafficking with part-time employment opportunities, housing, therapy, peer support and counseling. community resources
  • $ 18,000 to Solutions for Change for case management and counseling to help families affected by homelessness, substance abuse, generational poverty, trauma and domestic violence gain full-time employment opportunities , as well as stable housing, family reunification, and emotional and mental support
  • $ 23,000 to Outside the Lens to support the organization’s partnership with the San Pasqual Academy to provide youth with internship and mentoring opportunities in the industry
  • $ 30,000 to the Center for Community Solutions to support the organization’s accommodation capacity to meet current needs through a full range of shelter services and related emergency telephone assistance to current victims and survivors of violence domesticated
  • $ 18,000 to Community HousingWorks to enhance children’s learning development programs and support the organization’s apartment communities to create a safer place to learn, grow and thrive
  • $ 15,000 to North County Lifeline to support the organization’s mission to identify, treat and prevent youth suicide by providing mental health programs and other community resources to foster safer school environments
  • $ 33,000 to Palomar Family Counseling to expand treatment, assistance and promote long-term social and emotional support to 45 women and
    their children who have been exposed or are at risk of having domestic experiences
  • $ 33,000 to HealthRIGHT 360 to develop construction of a playground to provide residents of Serenity Villages with a safe and organized play area to enjoy the fresh air and the great outdoors
  • $ 30,000 to the Tariq Khamisa Foundation to provide college youth with mentoring services and socio-emotional learning opportunities

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