Lil Nas X visits Metro Atlanta’s support organization for black men with HIV

Thrive SS co-founders, left to right, Dwain Bridges and Larry Walker.
(Photo by Rashad Milligan for deployment)

Dwain Bridges and Larry Walker are on a mission to provide a safe space for those in need.

The two are co-founders of Thrive SS, an organization based in East Point, a suburb of Atlanta, which provides support and assistance to black men with HIV.

In October, rapper Lil Nas X visited Thrive SS while in his hometown of Atlanta. Deployment told Bridges and Walker about the visit and their mission.

Lil Nas X has come through your organization to raise awareness about HIV. How was this whole experience? What were some of the things he said?

Dwain Bridges: It was so transformational. Honestly, he was so genuine. I will say that. Honestly, I felt like we were hanging out with a friend. He walked all over our space and said the energy here is really positive. He wanted to come back. It was very motivating.

Larry Walker: It was good to have someone who represents our community to come to our community space and hear our stories. [and] really humanize us. He added us to his [HIV awareness fundraiser] earlier this month. See that person doing this thing and having it in our space? It was really surreal.

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