Meghan Markle’s dad wants her royal title removed

Meghan Markle’s father wants his daughter to be deprived of the title of king.

In a new interview with The sun, Thomas Markle blew up his daughter’s recent gig The Ellen DeGeneres Show. During the episode, Meghan pulled a prank with the help of the talk show host.

The prank involved the Duchess of Sussex eating treats like a chipmunk and crouching in a local outdoor market with a crystal on her head while DeGeneres instructed her to act behind the scenes. Needless to say, the sellers were shocked.

“She has insulted the Queen, the royal family and the British people,” Thomas told the tabloid. “She made a fool of herself and was about to lose her title. I love my daughter, but her performance was ridiculous.”

Thomas also claimed that the acting audition story Meghan DeGeneres told during her interview was false. Meghan told the talk show host that she was having problems at the time of her audition and that her car door was broken and she had to climb out of the car window to get out of her vehicle.

However, Thomas claimed that she did not drive “a battered old car”.

“She got a lot of help when she started in Hollywood,” he added. “She never had to worry about an apartment or spend money.”

Meghan and Thomas have been estranged for years. Thomas even skipped Meghan’s wedding to Prince Harry. Although they are not close, he has spoken frequently in the press about his daughter and son-in-law. Meanwhile, Meghan is very close to her mother, Doria Ragland, who has never spoken to the press about her family.

Thomas previously insulted Harry’s decision in an interview with. To write memoirs Good morning Great Britain, per BET. He said the book shouldn’t be called Find freedom but rather Find money.

“Harry comes out with a book and that can only be cruel and offend his grandmother the queen,” said Thomas. “It’s a ridiculous idea and it’s only for money. That’s all they do. All they do is for money.”

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