NANTAP celebrates its 30th anniversary and awards 10 members the FTA title

The National Association of Theater Arts Practitioners NANTAP celebrated its 30th anniversary last week.
The event, which was held at the Federation’s National Congress in Ekiti State, was the first time a combination of Congress and national executive elections has been achieved.

The election was the first electronic voting system from NANTAP and the creative industries in Nigeria.
By voting on the Vota platform created by Chams for the association, members of the association in the diaspora as well as members of the country who are unable to travel for security reasons took part in the elections. Voters can register to vote using a link that will be forwarded to their emails. After registration, another link will be generated and forwarded to voters for access to the voting page.

Return for a second term as association president Israel Eboh, who won unchallenged with a total of 73 votes. Jerry Adesewo was also the undisputed Director of Media and Publicity of the association with 73 votes, while Yinka Ola Williams became Director of Finance with 75 votes.

The other newly elected include Esther Onwuka as vice president, who ousted Sunday Umanah by 66 votes to 11; Makinde Adeniran beat Sam Uche Anyamele as general secretary by 73 to 16 votes; Ibikunle Taiwo secured the position of Director of Business with 74 votes; Alex Akpuh took over Chief Whip with 71 votes and Fatima Jafaru took over the position of Director of Production and Screening with 40 votes.

Omololaeni Adamu became Deputy Secretary General / Finance Secretary with 76 votes and Cecil Ozobeme was elected Production Director.

Speaking to LEADERSHIP Books & Arts, NANTAP President Israel Eboh said that in addition to identifying the association’s 12 effective country chapters to be strengthened, the goals of his previous term, which include launching its streaming platform by 2022 heard, will continue; the implementation of their TAPCON law at the National Assembly (NA) and the establishment of strategic partnerships for the growth of individual members and the association.

During Eboh’s first term of office, the association was able to secure a partnership with Wema Bank, which enables the association and its members to access loans without direct collateral. This means that the members can access loans from the bank using the association as collateral. The administration has also set up TAP Business Venture, a structure that aims to bring constant funds into the association’s coffers.

Eboh is determined to maintain the sense of continuity established by his previous tenure. As a result, he had identified and encouraged members and a few ex-executives whom he believed had the passion and will to work and the unreserved dedication for the association to compete against him in the elections.
He also advocates strengthening the chapters of ineffective associations to strengthen the national.

The chapters had to be strengthened because the members who develop the national come from the state. If we strengthen the states, the chapters will be more visible, stronger and more marketable, ”said Eboh.

The organization has now awarded 10 of its members the title of Fellow of Theater Arts (fta). The winners include Her Excellency, First Lady of Ekiti State, Dr. Erelu Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi, Dr. Israel Wekpe, Esther Onwuka, Bolanle Austin Peters, Dr. Osaro Pedro Agbonifo-Obaseki, Greg Mbajiorgu, Professor Sunday Enessi Ododo, Professor Emmanuel Dandaura, Professor Henry Leopold Bell-Gam, Mr Tony Akposheri, Dr. Ifure Ufford-Azorbo, Steve James, Edward Imo, Dr. Arthur Willie-Pepple, Titilayo Akimoyo-Kaaku, Amb.Stanley C. Okereafor, Peddie E. Okao, Mr. Oluseyi A. Fasuyi, Otunba Akintola Akin Lewis, Ademola Aremu, Osakwe S. Omeora, Comrade Patrick Ikpirima, Comrade Innocent A. Ofuonyeadi and Mr. Ekegwu E. Innocent.

When she accepted the award, the First Lady of Ekiti and host of the NANTAP Convention 2021 praised the association for awarding the award.

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