Rural village receives financial support for community hall


Ruth Blake outside Harvey’s village hall

Submitted by the Kent Community Foundation

A community hall in Harvel, Kent has just received the financial support it needs from the Kent Community Foundation.

The Harvey Village Hall has applied for funding for the hall which plays such a valuable role in the lives of so many residents of the village. They were ecstatic when they learned that their application had been accepted.

The small, semi-rural village on the southern edge of the North Downs is not served by public transport, so the hall offers a lifeline for many residents.

Ruth Blake, Trustee and Secretary of Harvey’s Party Hall Management Committee, said, “Our party hall was in need of critical maintenance. The wooden planks riddled with woodworms had to be replaced and the loose planks had to be reattached.

“The billboard, windows and gutters needed to be repainted, we needed a new fire door and the emergency exit steps needed to be rebuilt. “

This important community resource typically hosts morning village cafes, provides toilets for the annual village feast, and takes reservations for celebrations.

With the pandemic ending use of the room, there were insufficient funds to cover ongoing maintenance costs and they needed help to ensure the room would be in a condition to meet health and safety criteria. necessary security and would continue to be a valuable hub for the villagers.

Ruth continued, “This was our first application to the Kent Community Foundation, and they made the process very easy.

“Our town hall is at the heart of village life, and we are delighted that with the help of a grant of £ 2,000 the building has been reinvigorated.

“We are looking forward to welcoming our first guests.”


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