Spurs innovate on human performance campus

Spurs Sports & Entertainment unveiled the official name of its human performance campus on Wednesday at a groundbreaking ceremony.

The Rock at La Cantera is a $ 500 million project that will span 45 acres. Both the city and the county have provided financial support.

The campus will include a human performance research center, a 22-acre park, a state-of-the-art Spurs performance center, an outdoor public square for events, and space for medical, hotel and office use.

The ceremony marked the start of construction.

“As a global center of discovery focused on advancing human performance, The Rock at La Cantera will have a transformative impact on the communities we serve,” said RC Buford, CEO of SS&E. “Our ambitious concept creates an environment that fosters new conversations and capitalizes on our region’s resources to boost human performance. It will offer global thought leaders the opportunity to calibrate their craft in a way that can help scale the learnings they pass on to the community at large.

Among other things, the human performance research center will focus on skills development and coaching, nutrition, recovery, psychological and neurological areas, medicine with regards to injury and performance optimization, technology, life skills, creativity, human spirituality and x factors like grain and resilience.

Spurs officials said Dr Andy Walshe, who is a globally recognized expert in the field of elite human performance, is working to form a unique consortium of world-class facilities with leading researchers and public partners. and private.

“Human beings are one of the most complex systems in the universe,” said Walshe. “Thanks to the technology, we are starting to take the layers off to unpack what really allows elite people to operate at peak performance. In the next 10 to 20 years, we are going to discover things that even today we cannot imagine. This is the most exciting part of this campus – it will be a focal point for this type of community and this way of thinking.

The campus will have 500,000 square feet of construction space. There will also be a 22-acre park that will feature San Antonio’s largest dog park and a trailhead with access to the Leon Creek and Salado Creek greenways, leading to over 40 miles of trails.

The campus name comes from a quote from famous social reformer Jacob Riis who equates the work ethic with “pounding the rock”. The concept of hammering the rock explains how Spurs have long defined success – not as a tally of wins and losses, but as an unwavering commitment to daily incremental improvements, according to a press release.

Located in the 1,200-acre planned community of USAA Real Estate in northwest San Antonio, Spurs officials said the La Cantera Rock would be for all of San Antonio to enjoy future shops, restaurants, amenities at the park and residences.

The Lincoln Property Company will serve as the project manager for the Spurs’ performance center.

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