Syrians ‘sacrifice’ themselves in Ukraine after coercive offer of money and political favors

A man who served in Libya for six months with Al-Sayyad said he chose to go to Ukraine in hopes of receiving back wages owed to him by the company.

“I’m supposed to receive the rest of my dues immediately after signing the contract for the new assignment in Ukraine,” said the man, who had been hired to guard an oil facility in Libya for $1,500 a month but didn’t. had only been paid for three months.

“But even if I only ever get half of the agreed amount, it’s still more than what I would earn in Syria working for a decade or more,” the man said, speaking as the ‘anonymity.

Examples of contracts presented to potential recruits and viewed by The Telegraph show they are being kept silent by 10-year non-disclosure clauses. These contracts stipulate one-time injury payments of $20 to $500 and a lump sum payment of $5,000 to the family in the event of death.

Publicity for recruitment takes place online, in social media groups with names such as “Business Opportunities with Russian Friends” – a Facebook page carrying a banner image of a scowling Mr Putin striding ahead a helicopter.

Like online job seekers everywhere, Syrian men considering volunteering to serve in Ukraine must sift through messages from scammers and dodgy recruiters to find genuine opportunities.

“It can be life or death”

“Guys watch out for fraud, there are a lot of people here cheating us,” one man wrote, warning against anyone asking for money to process claims.

Among the dozens of posts asking for information on where to enlist, the men are also posting conflicting messages indicating hesitation and desperation.

“No one wants to leave their family and their country and fight with strangers against strangers,” one man wrote. “It can be life or death.”

He continued, “We don’t think if we’re going to live or die, we leave because of the amount of oppression in our hearts and deprivation we’ve been through.”

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